Natural Health Product Licensing

To sell natural health products in Canada, companies must obtain a product license called a Natural Product Number (NPN). To obtain this NPN, detailed information must be provided to, and assessed by the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Product Directorate (NNHPD) of Health Canada. Once NNHPD has determined that the product is safe, effective, and of high quality, an eight-digit NPN or DIN-HM (Homeopathic Medicine Number) will be granted. This number must appear on the front panel of your label.

Steps to Obtaining a Natural Product License

We want to expedite this process for you and limit your time investment- we follow a simple six-step system that keeps us moving forward and you informed of the progression of your applications.

Step 1:

First, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you (ours or yours), assuring you that anything we discuss remains strictly confidential.

Step 2:

We would then have you provide the formulations for us to evaluate that you wish to have licensed by Health Canada.

Step 3:

We review the documents and let you know if the product is a candidate for licensing in its present form or if some small changes would make it acceptable. If the product cannot comply with Canadian regulations, we will advise you that there is little or no chance of success.

Step 4:

Once this review is completed, we will send you a comprehensive written quotation and service agreement for the work required.

There are no hidden or additional charges. What we quote is all that you will pay.

Step 5:

If the quote and agreement acceptable, we will prepare the applications and submit on your behalf to Health Canada.

Step 6:

Once the Natural Product Number (NPN) has been granted, we will complete a label compliance review. Since Canada is a bi-lingual country certain regulatory label text must also be in French.

There are not yet (may change in 2019) government fees for obtaining an NPN, and they do not expire.